WhatsApp dark mode on android

WhatsApp dark mode on android is here. Update app now!

WhatsApp dark mode on android reaches Pakistani whatsapp users.

Here is how you can get new WhatsApp dark mode on android;

All you have to do is open play store and update your app right now and start using the latest dark mode of whatsApp in Pakistan.

As per the last update it was for selected few users as beta version. Now it is available to both Android and IOS users.

How to switch to dark mode in the app;

  • Open the app
  • > Settings (of the app)
  • > Click “Chat
  • > Select “Theme
  • > Click to switch from light to dark mode.

Here is how your new whatsapp look will be;

It is not as perfect as of insta and other apps but it is truly cool for eyes.

As per beta version it was observed there will be two themes;

  • Standard theme for all the users
  • Deeper version for users with OLED screens

This update has come up with standard dark mode for now globally but OLED version is expected later and we hope ir comes soon.

Key benefits of the dark mode of new whatsapp theme;

  • It will consume less battery and you can use your phones for longer period of time.
  • Beneficial for eyes as light mode irritates eyes and black mode relaxes.
  • It is beautiful addition to mobiles and trust me it is cool like a KEWL!

Update your phones now and get the new classy look on your mobile.

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