Soan Garden Islamabad. Details.

Soan Garden Islamabad is one of premium societies in the capital city of Pakistan. It has actually 2 phases, phase 1 is located on Islamabad expressway near PWD and phase 2 has been planned near new Islamabad International Airport, although it has not been launched as it is having huge problems with registrations and other processes of land.

Soan Garden Location:

Here in the following picture you will be able to see the complete map image taken from google maps.

As you see Soan Garden connects 4 societies;

  • PWD
  • CBR Town
  • NPF (National Police Foundation)

Blocks of Soan Garden:

There is total 9 blocks in Soan named after Alphabets.

  • A Block
  • B Block
  • C Block
  • D Block
  • E Block
  • F Block
  • G Block
  • H Block
  • H Block Extension


Total houses available in Society is 4500 – 6000 If on average there is 3-5 members in house it will be around 30 to 35000 population.

Good things about Society;

  • Society is almost 80% populated.
  • In most sector there is meetha drinking water.
  • All blocks are blessed with basic necessities although few streets are still down the road but electricity, gas water, maintenance of society management is very well and appreciated.

Estimated plot cost in Soan Garden?

  • 5 marla plot costs around 5-6 millions
  • 7 Marla plot touches 10 million
  • 10 Marla and above crossed over 11 millions and beyond

Estimated rent in the society?

  • Rent of single floor is around 20 – 25K and whole house touches 40-50K
  • Offices rent varies location to location, you can find office in 3K too here.

Banks in the society?

  • Meezan Bank
  • UBL Bank
  • Soneri Bank
  • Allied Bank
  • More coming soon

Parks and other facilities;

Although society members have sold many parks spaces but you will find 7-10 parks in the whole society.

Recently society has worked on children park right at the entrance connected to highway. Another best place to walk is on the Soan River which is located right between F and H block.

It is very spacious not narrow or close. Every house is built with well plan and design.

There is number of top class schools and food items and clothing market.

Is it wise to invest in the society?

Yes, it is always wise to invest in property as Pakistani property is touching skies these days. Although you may not find opportunities as most of the places are already sold.

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