Recession 2020 corona virus has made me ask this question from the experts is 2020 going to be next big recession year for the world Read

Recession 2020 due to coronavirus?

Recession 2020, corona virus has made me ask this question from the experts, is 2020 going to be next big recession year for the world?

As you have seen many factories have been closed and people are loosing their jobs because there is no business and customers are focusing to save themselves from novel virus.

Investors have stopped investing in the market, real estate or even stock exchange.

Blame game of china is on, china is blaming that virus was transfered to china from US to slow down their economy as experts were saying China is to become next big economy beating America.

Chinese officials say that they have recovered from it and life is coming back on track as many industries are reopening.

Now the think which is itching me inside;

What will happen to those who are on daily wages in country like ours Pakistan? There are people who do not get any job daily and complete their needs on the earning of last week.

Major effected will be the people who are on daily wages.

In the war of these rich people poor people will suffer alot on which economies are dependant.

Here is the thing I have been seeing on social media;

  • This news is spreading faster than the epidemic of corona, is this some media campaign to settle the trade war between 2 major economies of the world (China and US)?
  • Or is it some kind of strategy of big companies to acquire companies and go for mergers so that no one ever could rule the market except these giants?
  • May be it is some kind of panic being created by pharma companies to increase the sales of their products like masks, sanitizors, soaps or medicines etc.

Please share what do you think on the current state of the world in the comment box below.

UN Chief says;

“More than ever, governments must cooperate to revitalise economies, expand public investment, promote trade and ensure that people and communities affected by the disease are supported,”

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