PWD Underpass on Islamabad Expressway

PWD Underpass in it’s last stages.

Although it was announced that PWD underpass will be completed by April 2021, which does not seem to be completed even in next 3-6 months.

But the good news is that work is going very fast and it shall be completed at earliest.

Why PWD Underpass was important?

Islamabad Expressway is the only road which connects Islamabad to surrounding areas including all major societies like DHA, Bahria Town, PWD, Soan Garden, Naval Anchorage, Jinnah Garden.

It was always a road jam from naval anchorage to Korag Bridge and it has been most awaited development of all governments including PML(N) or PTI.

It was noticed that project was initiated back in PML N government but due to political issues and activities it was pending, 2 years ago it was again in news and notices. Finally PTI Governement announced it’s completion by April 2021 back in 2019.

Well as they say late is better than not coming.

View of PWD Underpass

PWD Underpass on Islamabad Expressway
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This does not end here, while the PWD underpass is in last stages, as per CDA korang bridge work is also in progress.

So good news for all people living in surroundings.

View of Korang Bridge on Islamabad Expressway


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