Pepsi Battle of the bands season 5

Pepsi Battle of the bands season 5

Pepsi Battle of the bands season 5 auditions are now open for all the bands from all over Pakistan.

Here is to all the people, members of the band, buckle up, hit the musical instruments and come up with the originals to participate in Pepsi battle of the bands season 5.

As always, we all are excited to see new faces, exciting band names, new talent and of course new music.

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Here is how to participate in auditions:

  • Gather friends
  • Write lyrics.
  • Make music.
  • Hit it and make video song
  • Send it to official website of P.B.o.B

Note: Do not copy music or lyrics. Song should be original else chances are you will be rejected.

Deadline: 20-01-2020 | 11:59 PM

Well, what are you thinking? If you skill and voice, gather few friends and make a video to particpate in one of the biggest platforms in Pakistan for musicians.

Background check:

It all started back in year 2002 in July. And from all the bands Aaroh was the 1st winner of the musical band. After that member from that band became part of the jury to decide future winner.

Here is the list of the winners and all seasons;

  • BoB 2002 = Winner was Aaroh
  • Season II = Kashmir the band
  • Season 3 = Bayaan
  • Previous Season 4 = Auj
  • Waiting for the next SEASON 5.

Here is what Pepsi Pakistan has welcomed season 5 of Pepsi Battle of the Bands:

Why I love P.B.o.B?

  • With this platform many people has gathered to give beautiful shape to music.
  • We have seen great new science of music and its types.
  • We have been known in whole world due to this platform, we have shown that we have amazing talent in Pakistan.
  • Bands have been sponsored by Pepsi as motivation.
  • Bands have not only got fans but earned badge of winner and money.

Please share this to maximum people so that they could participate.


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