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Pakola Doodh Soda – Ad Review

Pakola Doodh Soda launched by Pakola.

What is Pakola?

Pakola is a beverage very famous in Karachi, personally I never found it in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. I do not know whether it is sold here or not but unfortunately I never got chance to drink here.

As per their facebook about page, Pakola was inaugurated in 1950 by Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan who was Prime Minister of Pakistan at that time.

From that day till today Pakola is purely 100% Pakistani Brand.

What id Doodh Soda?

Well Doodh Soda is very great for summers. In this we mix any corbonated drink eg: Pakola, 7up/Sprite or anyother and drink it away.

Pakola Doodh Soda?

Pakola has been marketing their Pakola Drink as Pakola Doodh Soda, in which they have launched proper reciepe in which they tell you how to make your Doodh Soda better and tasty. Let’s have a look at the ad;


This ad is sponsered on the facebook, 280500 people and counting have watched the ad. As I am excited to make it, are you too? Let me know in comments.

Note: This ad is 1 year old but Pakola is marketing this now. Happy Pakola.

Ad review;

In the start they say, “Good hua Green!” and then they share the following ingrediants needed for Pakola Doodh Soda;

  • Ice Cream 2 Scoop (As shown in video)
  • 500 ml Milk
  • Pakola 500 ml
  • Pakola Syrup 2 tbsp

Following steps;

  • Add Milk
  • Add Pakola & Pakol Syrup
  • Mix it well (blend)
  • Pour it into glass
  • Add some ice cream

And Pakola Doodh Soda is ready to have blast.

Hello Hello, here is review;

Well they did not suggest which milk, so you can try with multiple milks at different types. On the other hand they also did not suggest which ice cream, this is bog question mark?

Overall ad has wonderful graphics and covered everything. This is something exciting and as per weather. Ad’s music wa 7/10.

well, we always welcome the feedback and comments. Share your views on Pakola Doodh Soda in comments.

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