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Pakistan is to host Asia Cup 2020

Pakistan is to host Asia Cup 2020, after world cup Asia Cup is very important cricket event for Asian people.

It was decided in the meeting of ACC that Pakistan will get rights to host the Asia Cup matches in Pakistan. Meeting was held in Singapore where Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh participated.

Being the chairman of PCB, Mr Ehsan Mani and Wasim Khan (Managing Director PCB) representated Pakistan in the meeting.

Sources said, Board has sent request to Srilanka to send their security teams to analyze security situation in Pakistan.

How important is that news?

Since many years international cricket has been full stop in Pakistan, this will be opening so many doors to international sports and other business opportunities.

This will not only leave positive impact in cricket world but also leave great impact on  international relation of Pakistan with other countries.

We hope that Pakistan will rise and shine again. In this we need to support our teams and host international teams with warm welcome.

Via: Propakistani

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