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Nayatel trolling PTCL’s Naya Network

Nayatel trolling PTCL’s Naya Network!

Nayatel is 1 leading ISP in Islamabad/Rawalpindi, it’s main competitor in twin cities is PTCL.

PTCL has taken great step to upgrade their network to fiber optics, but marketing department has disappointed. They launched their campaign as Naya Network which is purely copy of Nayatel.

Nayatel taking intense revenge posted following picture on their social media.

Nayatel trolling PTCL's Naya Network - marketist - marketing guru

This is what Nayatel has to say;

Naqaloun say hoshaiyar!


Following are some comments;
Freky Alee You guys having dig at ptcl haha
Arslan Saleem Saad Tariq ye to le li inhu ne
Ghulam Abbas Well Played Nayatel<3
Usama Ahmad Sae khel gaye bhenschor
Waheed Ahmed Hahahahha..I laughed so hard 😀
hahahahaha kesa dia
Here is the funny comment which took attention of many;
Ashhar Zawar Syed You can caption it as ” Nayatel ptcl ki letay hoey”.
You can find the post here: Click!

Well, let me remind you, this is not the first time these 2 organizations have social media battle, this has happened before on twitter.

Check it out;
Nayatel trolling PTCL's Naya Network - marketist - marketing guru 2

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