Nayatel phone app

Nayatel launched Nayatel Phone App.

Nayatel launches Nayatel Phone App, one of its kind, new thing in the world of communication.

Nayatel being number one fiber optical fibre to the home has marked its name with launching new services now and often.

Previously they launched unlimited internet packages and now this FREE app.

Here is how exactly does it operate;

Nayatel phone app is the replacement of the phone sets we have been using since the beginning. Now with NTL connection, all you have to install the app from android store and start using your phone set on your mobile.

Dial from mobile, receive calls on mobile also you get to receive the missed calls notifications.

No wiring needed, nothing to create mess in your house.

Another great feature of call forwarding is associated with it, here is the three types of forwarding;

  • If your landline is busy or in use of someone, call will be forwarded to the app.
  • Unconditional call forwarding will directly land on phone app.
  • If call goes unattended on phone set, it goes to phone app.


Well as NTL is premium service, they always charge for everything, even when team visits, it is charged from the customer.

Coming back to this service of NTL, it is totally FREE.

How to activate it on your mobile?

  • Install the app from app (google) store.
  • It will be activated with in 24 working hours.
  • You will receive confirmation code on your mobiles.

As everything comes up with terms and conditions;

Following are some terms and conditions associated with this app;

  • It is only for NTL clients.
  • One number can be installed only against one android app.
  • Call charges are applicable as it is.
  • It can only work within the range of wifi of NTL internet.
  • Internet is mandatory to have this service.
  • Unfortunately for now it is only for android users now.

The above content is taken from their official website.
Written by: Team Parhley.

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