Latest ad of Honda civic is shot entirely at home

Latest ad of Honda civic is shot entirely at home. This just amazed my mind, what an idea of marketing team of Honda.

Thumbs up for marketing team.

Watch the ad first then we will discuss it further:

While everyone is sitting at home and working from home, companies are trying to come up the some creative marketing ideas and here Honda Civic has broke the ice and came up with amazing ad.

Why is this ad amazing?

Because it has everything what any ad shuld have;

  • Promotion of the brand.
  • Sharing the story and connecting dots.
  • Last share great message.
  • Low budget.

Like all the other brands, Honda civic asks you to stay at home so that we could enjoy the ride soon.

Did you ever imagine that multi million dollar company could think, write, record, and come up with everything sitting at home.

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