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Job Portals available in Pakistan for job seekers.

Hey there! looking for a job? You are at the right place to know the best job portals available in Pakistan. In this up/down economy of Pakistan, it is quite difficult to find a perfect job related to your skills and education, following are few portals which is an effort of some Pakistanis to let you and help you find a job you desire.

All these job portals work as an online HR for different companies, they also work as a marketing 3rd man between the employer and employee.

Job Portals!

Here are top 5;

  • Rozee
  • mustaqbil
  • Bayrozgar
  • Indeed (Pakistan)

Marketist - - marketing guru - job portals in pakistan - 21.

Mr. Monis Rehman launched rozee in 2007 and backed up by Naseeb Networks. In the beginning, it was for Pakistani people and now it is offering international jobs.


Around 500,000 employers are currently registered with Rozee. It has 100 of 1000s of database of people’s CVs including mine. Rozee has an app on google play with rating of 4.2 and 500,000+ installations.

Investors of includes;

Marketist - - marketing guru - job portals in pakistan -

As per alexa ranking:

64th in Pakistan and 9745 in Global. 93.7% of the visitors are from Pakistan.

Marketist’s review on website and google app:
  • owns very responsive and easy to use website for employee and employer. +
  • Design is 9/10 +
  • Best thing in this website is less ads, less frustration. +
  • Available in 3 languages i.e English, Urdu and Chineese +
  • Easy to use app. +

Marketist - - marketing guru - job portals in pakistan - mutaqbil.com2. Mustaqbil

Technobird a Pakistani tech company launched back in Ocotober 2004. has been nominated in top 100 entrepreneurial projects in Asia by Foundation for Youth and Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE).


Over 65000 companies handshakes with Ranking stars on google play is 4.1 out of 5 and only 10000 installations.

As per alexa ranking:

235th in Pakistan and 29706th Globally. 90.9 % visitors are from Pakistan.

Marketist’s review on website:
  • easy to use website +
  • Design is 8/10 +
  • less ads, less frustration. +
  • 1 language only i.e English
  • App 6/10 (needs improvement)


If you are looking for jobs which are published in newspapers then this portal is for you because posts all the jobs from all available newspapers. They cut and paste ads from paper and publish on website.

Another name for this website is “house for government and private jobs”. I like this website because I do not need to check all newspapers, which saves cost and time of turning pages to find a job.

if you are employer it is free to post your jobs and manage your profile for free.

As per alexa ranking:

122th in Pakistan and 18123th Globally. 85 % visitors are from Pakistan.

Marketist’s review on website:
  • easy to use website +
  • Design could be better
  • Too many ads (because it is free to use for employee and employer)
  • No mobile app available

Marketist - - marketing guru - job portals in pakistan - bayrozgar.com4. Bayrozgar

Another job portal with thousands of visitors, as the name says itself bayrozgar, if you are bayrozgar (Not doing any job and free) this online job portal will help you get job and make you meet the employer who is looking for you. No history is of this is shared on any platform which is the biggest drawback and na ehli of the team.

  • This is only sharing jobs of 7 cities of Pakistan only as per their website.
  • No data found eg: number of employers.
  • As per alexa, ranks 41389th in Pakistan and 1513674 worldwide.
Marketist’s review on website:
  • Website 6/10
  • Design is 6/10 +
  • Ads 🙁 (seems like they are earning from ads not services)
  • No App available which is another negative point

Marketist - - marketing guru - job portals in pakistan -

Indeed is an international job portal providing services in Pakistan as well. This is very simple website ehere you can find job using keywords what (means what you are looking for? job title or organizations) and where (means the location of where you want it?)

Talking about international, company claims that they have 20 Million unique visitors every month, 10 Million CVs around the world, 7.2 Million company reviews and ratings, 9.8 Jobs are added per second globally and 50 Million Salaries.

As per alexa ranking:

376th in Pakistan and 46933th Globally. 79.9 % visitors are from Pakistan for


Following are the other portals with feedback from Marketist;

Talent Hunters

Talent hunters is registered HR consultancy firm in Pakistan, which helps organizations to improve HR of the company.

  • paperpk (this is yet another website which provides jobs from newspapers, full of ads and not user friendly.
  • pakistanjobsbank (This also provides jobs from newspapers, ads available and not user friendly.)
  • brightspyre (Too many ads, website if not likely, and not secure)

Avoid following websites as these are not trusted as my knowledge.

Your feedback is always welcome. Please comment your feedback so that we could improve.

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