How to improve battery life of a mobile

How to improve battery life of a mobile?

How to improve battery life of a mobile? Here is the top ways to save more power and improve battery life.

In today’s world where we use multiple and heavy apps which consumes lot of power. Almost all the smart users have used or still using power banks to save battery life.

In this article we shall share with you the complete guide on how to improve battery life of a mobile.

  • Use airplane mode when you do not use the phone
  • Turn off location
  • Shut Down background apps
  • Use dark themes and Wallpapers
  • Disable unnecessary notifications
  • Dark mode of apps
  • Change charging times and methods
  • Turn Bluetooth and Wifi off when not in use.
  • Set screen time out at minimum
  • Effective use of vibration and call ringtone
  • Turn Off Keypad volume
  • Put phone on power saving mode
  • Do not charge on battery
  • Use good charge (Original is recommended)

Use Airplane Mode when you do not use the phone:

Most people switch off mobiles while they sleep or in airplane. Putting phone on airplane mode turns off mobile’s WiFi, Bluetooth and cellular network. This saves a lot of battery because your phone goes nearly dead.

Note: You can turn on wifi and Bluetooth even on airplane mode but you cannot turn on mobile data.

Turn Off Location:

Experts say it, we know it so do it. Location service on your mobile consumes a lot of battery. I should use the word drain for it not consume.

There are so many apps which tracks your mobile and use location of your mobile including major apps like facebook, google, insta and whatsapp.

Well pro tip, if you do not want to use location service to drain your battery then you can customize the settings to use it when use specific app else let it off automatically.

Shut Down background apps

Apps work in the background, if you are not using them shut them down, this will stop the mobile’s system and save your battery.

These apps keeps fetching new data in the background.

Use dark themes and Wallpapers

Colorful and bright themes and wallpapers consumes lots of battery because most smartphones has amold displays which is deadly for batteries.

Black and dark wallpapers and themes are good for eyes and healthy for mobile battery.

Disable unnecessary notifications

Continous pop up notification also consumes power. Keep all unnecessary notification off to save extra battery.

Even mobile companies prefer to switch off push notifications of all app.

Dark mode of apps

Due to increasing issue of batteries, most companies are changing their apps to dark mode. Facebook messenger and now whatsapp is also coming with this new change.

Change charging times and methods

Now this is confusing for many users, many people say to keep the charging all the time others say to drain all the battery to 0 which in my view is not good for batteries.

Best practice I use is that I charge 100% and when it goes to 15-20 % then I recharge this will it helps battery cell to be more alive.

Turn Bluetooth and Wifi off when not in use.

Always turn off wifi and bluetooth if not in use.

Set screen time out at minimum

Screen time out means when you dont use mobile then it goes to sleep mode. Set screen time out to 3-5 seconds which is best and highly recommended.

Effective use of vibration and call ringtone

Now this is also effective tip for all the people who has job of calling and messaging all day long or the people who receive too many calls and messages.

Keep your phone volume to minimum and regular vibration is recommended.

Turn off keypad volume:

Keypad volume is when you type it sounds tick or dot. So better to keep it off always.

Put phone on power saving mode

Latest phones now come up with power saving mode in which it uses less brightness even in the day time.

Do not charge on batteries:

Most people charge their phones from batteries which is not counted well for mobile battery. Do not charge from batteries untill extreme emergency.

Use good charger (Original is recommended)

Above all tips are used and experienced by our team. Follow above you will feel the difference in battery timings.

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