How does google algorithm work

How does google algorithm work?

We as Digital Marketing experts are in a race to rank top on the first page of google or other search engines. But most of the times we miss out the major thing and that is How does google algorithm work?

How does google search algorithm work?

In short and simple statement, I would define it as;


Let me back up my statement,

Google shows you the results which are

  • Quality Written
  • Relevant to user search
  • Usability (User Experience)

A human being wants to see the quality results when s/he look for something on search engine, he want to land on the page which is the most relevent to his search and lastly that page should be friendly enough so that user could stay and check out completely.

It is like you going out for shopping of T Shirt and you search to go to exact shop where you would find exact T you are looking for and lastly if the shop is well managed, you may stay there for longer and come back with 2 or more Ts.

Moving further, let me share few extra information to rank;

Did you know;

  • There is 300+ factors which google has defined to rank higher.
  • Content is the king is getting old now and now it is Video is the king.
  • After success of tiktok and here comes Youtube Shorts which are going amazingly outclass.
  • Bounce rate is very important, you need to grab user’s attention so that he could stay longer on your web and share it with friends.
  • After massive hit of last year’s update, Tech Giant is all set up to surprise the users in 2021 may be in May.

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