Here is to the Doctors. Thank you!

Here is to the Doctors. A big thanks to you all for what you are doing for the people, for us, for everyone who is afraid, scared to death and tensed because of upcoming situation.


I know if it was war between Pakistan and India everyone would have been sharing stuff, appreciating armies of both countries but trust me doctor you are the real army, you are my real hero.

Knowing that it is deadly disease, you wake up in the morning with an attitude to save some lives and help people.

I do not know Doctor, I am a blogger usually I can get 1000s of words and sentences to describe any bad thing but now when I am writing about you;

  • My hands are trembling
  • Heart is beating that it will blast the next second,
  • Mind and my tongue is saying THANK YOU million times.

I cannot describe thanks in words doc!

May Allah bless you with best of the best, may you shine and may you live long a healthy life.

That guy who is alone sitting at home infront of the laptop or mobile screen is confident that if anything happens s/he will approach hospital and you will be there waiting for him/her.

I used to listen that we have good night sleep because of the army standing right on borders, but we forget that what if anything happens there is a doctor who is sleeping to welcome you in any hour of the emergency.

This is not the first time I am seeing you like this but this is the first time I am realising how we sleep like Dangars and you wake up at night duty to welcome us.

If anyone of you who has read till now, you must have something to say about doctor, please share your thanks via commenting, tagging doctors or sharing this million, billion of thanks from Me, my team, every patient who is hopeful to see tomorrow’s sun shine.

Thank you so much.

Use this hashtag to thank all the doctors around the world. #ThanksDoctor

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