Eighteen Islamabad. Details

Eighteen Islamabad is upcoming world class residential and commercial society. In this blog I am going to introduce you to 18 Islamabad.

Why it is named 18?

Hamdy who is acting as CEO of the billion $ society said, it is named 18 after the 18th district of the twin cities of Pakistan (Islamabad and Rawalpindi).

Backstory of 18:

It is the project by egyptian company Orescom Construction Company joint venture with 2 top notch groups the Saif and Kohistan Group.


For any real estate project location is key factor which decides the prices of property. Eighteen Islamabad is located 15 kilometers from the heart of Islamabad and just 10 KMs from new Islamabad International Airport and very near to Motorway.

Being on Sirinagar Highway gives another edge to the society.

Area of 18?

Well for any society the total area matters a lot as many things are dependent on it like

  • Will the society management be able to provide all basic facilities to residents?
  • Is society going to be wide and spread or rushy and crowded?
  • How peaceful that place be?
  • What about sports grounds and parks for children?
  • And food streets?
  • Family place or just like that.

Eighteen Islamabad has 600 acres of which only 16% is dedicated to build up area, around 35% which is very huge will be dedicated to premium golf course (With 18 holes).

Other than it is expected that the society will have around 2200 residential houses/plots.

Few things which needs your attention about this grand colony in Islamabad,

  • Local government has ensured to provide service road for visitors and residents.
  • IESCO has granted permission to generate own electricity with 32 megawatt power plant.
  • SNGP has also helped by promising gas pipelines and connections.
  • As per telco needs, maagement is to put their own fiber optics for the internet and telephone needs.
  • Where as water is major thing, you will see their own filter plants and modern seweage systems as well.

So here is not an end, you will see modern buildings for office space and owners believe that this will be more peaceful than blue area Islamabad, now here is question will it be cheaper than blue area or not?

Also another selling point of 18 Isb is that if you buy land you will receive title deed.

Here is small history;

  • NOC received back in Nov 2017 by RDA.
  • Soft Launched in Dec 2017
  • Earthwork began in Feb’18
  • In March 2018 commercially launched.
  • Construction project awarded in May’18 with projection of completion in 6 years.
  • Gray structure is in process.
  • Stay tuned to Parhley for more updates.

Investment Plan will be added soon, stay connected.

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