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Careem Pakistan now offers exact fare on rides before you click chalo.

Careem Pakistan now offers exact fare on rides before you click chalo. Here is the latest ad of careem;

Initially Careem Pakistan used to show the starting and ending fare when you opt for a ride. In that case user was never committed fixed fare as this may incur in between starting and ending fare.

It was confusing for more captain and customer.

They used to call it estimate price, as per the recent campaign now estimate has been removed and changed to upfront price.

Upfront will be exact fare and it will be calculated according to;

  • Distance from picking point to drop point.
  • Charges will be as per kilometer rate.
  • Also expected time will be charged at current rate.

Let me clear you as per the findings, you will still be charged extra if you make the captain wait or you opt for longer route or change the destination during the ride. Also it will be changed accordingly if there are heavy traffic, road blocks or any check points. In such cases app will show you the actual distance covered and consumed time based on current fare.

Genaral Manager of Careem Pakistan Mr Zeeshan Habib Baig stated that;

The upfront pricing model is an extremely exciting development and is a perfect example of Careem’s mission of simplifying and improving the lives of both customers and Captains. We believe that better customer and captain experience is the only way to keep growing.

Why This change?

As per their officials it will improve travelling experience of users and will ease the procedure for captain and end customer.

Here is what we think about the change;

Change is always appreciated and it is always for betterment. We appreciate the change but I am waiting for a day when careem will not charge peek factor from me and not charge wait on traffic as I did not block the roads.

About Careem Pakistan:

Careem is leading transport company in Pakistan which recently merged with UBER globally. It has been giving amazing experience to all the user. Still it is better than UBER.

Although many other companies have stepped in the industry but I still choose careem over them.

What do you think about the change of exact fare on rides before you click chalo. Let us know in comments.

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