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10 reasons to join COMSATS Islamabad

10 reasons to join COMSATS Islamabad!

COMSATS University is one of the leading universities in general category in Pakistan. Every one wants to be in best institute to have quality education along with life.

10 reasons to join COMSATS Islamabad - marketist - marketing 231

Every year thousands of Applicants apply in COMSATS for admission but only lucky ones get there and have a degree.

COMSATS is one of the best things happen to me, it has given me love of my life and best friends like brothers and amazing teachers.

Here are top 10 reasons to join COMSATS Islamabad.
  • CAFE
  • Library
  • Masjid
  • Teachers
  • Friends/Love
  • Sports
  • Events
  • Degree
  • Location
  • Parking


10 reasons to join COMSATS Islamabad - marketist - marketing

Every university has a cafe but COMSATS has a food street, providing number of options including desi and wilayti. Majeed Cafe’s chai is one of the best chai I found.

What an amazing set of waiters, very friendly and supportive, always remember what you need.

  • Shuwarma
  • Roll parathy
  • Fresh juices (Every juice available in all weathers)
  • Chai
  • Coffee
  • You just name it you can find there.
  • Always full

Adding to the story, it has another cafe near masjid. Every department has a tuck shop.


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COMSATS has a huge library, it has 3 floors. Recently it was named after the ex rector of the university Mr Junaid Zaidi. It has thousand of books, updated magazines, internationational standards.

They issue the libraby card to every student so that students can issue whatever they need. It has huge sitting space.

In summers that is the best place to spend some quality time with friends or your date (JK).

It just does not end here, it has beautiful space outside where different functions are held. I call it hangout place.


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This is add on to the beauty of university, it is always beautiful on Fridays where every one heads there for prayer, and long queue of Jamat.


First of all, thanks to all teachers who made me this that I can write something about them. People say teachers are like parents. For me? I found brothers and sisters, friends and family in all my teacher. I must remember Ms Zeenat Jabbar (May Allah Bless her jannah) who recently passed away. She used to call me Beta, Ms Mah e Mobeen and Ms Gul Bahar (Sisters) and last but not least Sir Omer (a friend and a  great supporter) and all others who were directly or indirectly connected.

Please share your teachers name in comments and thank them by sharing this post.


Well one of the best thing about university is friendship, it is not 4 year friendship it goes for lifetime, it is a bond. read following;

  • Wo cafe mai khane
  • Wo library ki nadaniya
  • pohnchna class mai hmesha late
  • Sir ki taang khenchna
  • fzool k questions kar k class ka time pura krna
  • wo choti choti cheating
  • sessionals/terminals ki parhai
  • yasu panju
  • cafe mai beth k khit lagana
  • wo birthdays
  • Kisi ka naam le k cherna
  • Atey jatey logo ko dekhna
  • Wo bets
  • Sab kuch dosto k sath e tha parhai to sirf bahana hota..

So talking more about bonding, most of the people also find their loved ones, many I know got married. Many I know did not work out. So yes if you are missing this one you are unlucky my friend because whenever you meet her life becomes perfect place.


Well apart from poondi I know most of you reading this did not go to the sports complex for playing. COMSATS has spacious sports complex;

  • Cricket ground
  • Volley ball
  • Long tennis
  • Basket ball
  • Chess infront of library

Do visit these places, you will miss them.


COMSATS is one of the universities in which maximum events are organized by students, they just don’t enjoy but earn from events. From Paindu day to Ehl-e-rock everything was just perfect. I do not know still they organize such events or it has become boring.

Here I need to mention the CAR and bikes show. Aww yes I know you miss them.


Thank you COMSATS, this paper has played important life for getting the best job and feeling proud in market.

It is not just a university, it is a whole little life there.

Han Bhaiyo aur un ki behno? If you have not done following things please do before time flies away.

  • Birthday celebration on Gate 2
  • Sutta in the cafe
  • Ragging juniors and making them best buddies
  • Poondi
  • Long walks
  • Late night dates in cafe in thand
  • Yes. sitting outside of cafe and shugal

Please share if I missed anything, also share your experience in comments below.

If you are from any other university and wanna write your story, please write and send us on Facebook page so that we could publish your story too. –Parhley



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